The Canopy Pod

The Canopy Pod is Podmaker's arbour, a garden feature providing shade and shelter. It is a stripped back version of our Escape Pod, maintaining the same curved form and organic feel. The open sided canopy can be rotated, allowing you to enjoy different aspects of your garden. 

Clad in cedar shingles and constructed out of birch ply and larch, the pod will silver over time and nestle into its environment. We offer a high quality marine grade canvas that is clipped to the front to provide cover when the pod is in less use. We are able to tailor the interior to suit your needs if required, as well as offering a smaller couples option - the demipod. 

Built with precision in the workshop, the pod is delivered and installed in a day. It requires no planning or foundations. The price is £7,200 (excl.VAT) but is lower if the pod is bought in kitform and assembled by you.